Burmester Colheita Tawny 2003


Burmester Colheita Tawny 2003

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Verzendkosten: 5,95€
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Soort Wijn: versterkt Wijn
Oogstjaar: 2003
Beschermde Oorsprongsbenaming (BOB):Douro (Porto en Douro, Portugal)
Wijnkelder: Burmester
Volume: 75cl
Allergenen: Bevat Sulfieten
Alcoholpercentage: 20%
Burmester is de producent van Burmester Colheita Tawny 2003 (40,10€), een wijn versterkte uit Douro met druiventrossen uit 2003 en die een alcoholgehalte van 20º heeft. Een wijn versterkte beoordeeld met 4 punten uit 5 volgens de klanten van Drinks&Co.

Beschrijving van Burmester Colheita Tawny 2003

Burmester Colheita Tawny 2003

Producent: Burmester

abbr Beschermde oorsprongsbenaming (BOB): Douro

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4 /5

This Burmester Colheita Port is a great vintage (2003) port in the tawny style that has matured for at least 7 years in oak wooden barrels. The port has a vibrant, red color with hints of brown. The brown color is caused by the port coming into contact with oxygen during the bearing in wooden barrels. Taste & discover the wonderful aromas of caramelized creme toffee, dried fruit and delicate spicy notes. This port is fascinating, attractive, has a delicate texture and an almost endless final. An excellent Colheita, with a good character due to the aging in wooden barrels.

In order to express all the finesse and sophistication of this port, you should drink it preferably lightly cooled (between 14 and 16 º C). Fits very well with various desserts, where the winemaker particularly recommends these combinations: caramel desserts such as caramel fondant with apple and ginger jelly, tattoo cake and dried fruit. The wine is best kept in a cool and dry place, protected from light and temperature fluctuations, and the bottle must remain upright. In the course of time it is logical that sediment forms on the bottom of a bottle of port wine. Once opened, we recommend drinking the port within 2 to 4 months.

The vineyards are located at an altitude of up to 600 meters and have a bottom of schist-like sandstone (greywacke), in some places interspersed with granite. The rows of vines are traditionally planted in horizontal terraces on the slope. More recently, vines have been planted vertically on the slope ("vinha ao alt"). The traditional Douro grape varieties were used for this port.

The family name "Burmester" comes from the German word "Burgmeester" (Burgemeester) - since the family came from the small town of Moelln in northern Germany. In 1730 Henry Burmester and John Nash founded a grain trade in London under the name Burmester & Nash. In 1750, the company moved to Vila Nova de Gaia and began shipping Port to the British Isles and the rest of Europe. The company was very active in London. The commercial and financial activities of the Burmester family were highly appreciated in London. The most famous street in the Wimbledon district is the 'Burmester Road'.

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