Dönnhoff Felsenberg Riesling Trocken Grosses Gewachs 2019



Dönnhoff Felsenberg Riesling Trocken Grosses Gewachs 2019

Winkel: Grand Cru Wijnen Estimated delivery: 24 - 48 uren
Verzendkosten: 5,95€
Slechts 3 stuks


Soort Wijn: witte Wijn
Oogstjaar: 2019 Andere wijnjaren
Beschermde Oorsprongsbenaming (BOB):Nahe (Duitsland)
Wijnkelder: Dönnhoff
Volume: 75cl
Druiven: Riesling
Allergenen: Bevat Sulfieten
Alcoholpercentage: 13%
Dönnhoff Felsenberg Riesling Trocken Grosses Gewachs 2019 (54,95€) is een wijn witte met herkomstaanduiding Nahe uit de wijnkelders van Dönnhoff met een selectie van riesling druiven uit het wijnjaar 2019 en met 13º alcoholgehalte. Een wijn witte beoordeeld met 4 punten uit 5 volgens de klanten van Drinks&Co en beschikt bovendien over de beoordeling robert parker cijfer: 95.

Beschrijving van Dönnhoff Felsenberg Riesling Trocken Grosses Gewachs 2019

Dönnhoff Felsenberg Riesling Trocken Grosses Gewachs 2019 (Riesling)

Producent: Dönnhoff

abbr Beschermde oorsprongsbenaming (BOB): Nahe

druiven: Riesling

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Reviews van Dönnhoff Felsenberg Riesling Trocken Grosses Gewachs 2019


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Jouw score voor Dönnhoff Felsenberg Riesling Trocken Grosses Gewachs 2019:Waarderen Dönnhoff Felsenberg Riesling Trocken Grosses Gewachs 2019:

4 /5

A more than beautiful Riesling by Weingut Dönnhoff with its 9 Große Lagen is considered to be the absolute top in the region. This Schlossböckelheimer Felsenberg GG comes from the very old and famous Felsenberg vineyard, beautifully situated on a steep southern slope. The vines grow under extreme conditions in a soil with weathered volcanic porphiric rock. The stony soil warms up quickly during the day, and provides very characteristic Rieslings with a spicy fruitiness and mineral acidity, internationally recognized for their distinctive beautiful aromas. At the heart of this fantastic vineyard is the Felsentürmchen ("small rock tower") which is also depicted on the label. The vines are around 25-35 years old and the mineral-rich Felsenberg grapes are always harvested very carefully, selectively and of course by hand. Wine region where Weingut Dönnhoff is located is the Nahe. The area is of course named after the river of the same name and has beautiful steep slopes with slate and volcanic soils that offer an ideal base for beautiful mineral Rieslings. The Nahe mainly produces white wine, around 75% of which the majority is Riesling. The area has around 4000 hectares of vineyards.
This Felsenberg Riesling is beautifully dry, exceptionally complex with a deep, smoky and also crystalline minerality - unmistakably Felsenberg! Made from grapes from the best steep plots around the small rock tower (Felsentürmchen) in the middle of the beautiful Schlossböckelheim Felsenberg location. Excellent Riesling terroir with a bottom of red volcanic coagulation rock, a blend of porphyry and melaphyr.

Volume 2016 received no less than 93+ Parker points

Very nice as an aperitif. Also delicious with poultry, pork and fish.
VDP (Verband Deutscher Pradikatsweinguter) Grosse Lage is the denominator for the very best German vineyards, which are precisely bordered per plot. The VDP is an important organization to which approximately 200 of the best winemakers in Germany are affiliated. The VDP has mapped the quality of vineyards (and their wines) and subdivided them into Erste Lage and Grosse Lage, comparable to the Premier Cru and Grand Cru qualifications in Burgundy. With the VDP classification, the classification revolves around terroir instead of must weight. Unique wines with a special expression of the specific plot, a mature character and a great maturing potential are born here. Only the very best and specifically grape varieties that match the vineyard enjoy the privilege of being planted for this. The strictest possible production criteria guarantee the top of the VDP qualification pyramid.

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Geweldige Riesling Felsenberg GG van Weingut Dönnhoff is mooi droog, uitzonderlijk complex met een diepe, rokerige en ook kristalachtige mineraliteit - onmiskenbaar Felsenberg! Gemaakt van druiven van de beste steile percelen rondom de kleine rotstoren (Felsentürmchen) in het midden van de prachtige locatie Schlossböckelheim Felsenberg. Uitstekend Riesling-terroir met een bodem van rood vulkanisch stollingsgesteente, een melange van porfier en melaphyr.
Wijnregio Nahe, Duitsland. VDP Grosse Lage certificering dwz de allerbeste wijngaarden in Duitsland. Met zijn 9 Große Lagen wordt Weingut Donnhoff gerekend tot de absolute top in de regio.
Jaargang 2016 93+ Parker punten 
Erg mooi als aperitief. Ook heerlijk bij gevogelte, varkensvlees en vis.
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